About this site

Local elected officials make big decisions on how to invest our dollars back into our communities. The budget, often the most important vote any elected official makes, whether they sit on our local school board, city council or US Congress, is a reflection of our priorities and values.

The current national moment, complete with calls from across the US to reimagine policing and fight for racial justice, demands that we speak up and influence that process.

...but it is incredibly difficult for normal people to do that, when the relevant budget decisions are made at under-attended, hard to locate, awkwardly timed meetings, full of obscure language and barriers to public comment.

We crafted this website to make the process easier.

Our hope is that you - whether you are an organizer, activist, or just an engaged resident - can use this tool to help your community attend and comment at crucial elected body meetings. In our experience, direct participation, rather than letters or petitions, is the best way for us to make an outsized impact on these budget decisions.

Our vision

We imagine a future in which our communities are safe because of well funded schools, early childhood education, after-school programs, living wage jobs, beautiful parks, well funded cultural institutions, health care for all, and affordable housing.

Beyond that vision, we do not articulate an agenda, nor have we drafted scripts or "asks" for each meeting we display on this site, since we believe that process should happen organically in each of our communities. We have highlighted agenda items relevant to law enforcement spending, which often makes up 40-50% of local budgets, so that we can work together to align these budgets with our principles.

This is our money, and all of us should have a say in how it’s spent.

Who are we?

This site is not the project of one existing organization, political party, or activist group - though some of us are politicians, some of us are from organizations, and some of us are activists. Those roots inspired us to come together and volunteer our time to create this site. You can reach us at the email address below.


Jane Kim
Chris Arvin
Christa Hartsock
Kat Siegal
Paras Sanghavi
Ruscal Cayangyang
Shanti Singh
Janelle Jolley