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Jun 23, 12:00pm PDT
2019 – 2020 law enforcement budget

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Items related to law enforcement on this agenda: FY 2020-21 Mid Cycle Budget Amendments, OPD RSI Helicopter Maintenance Contract, OPD Shotspotter Contract

General Fund

44% of Oakland's 2019 – 2020 General Fund was spent on law enforcement.
A general fund is a city’s primary account, funded by taxes (like property and sales tax) and used to pay for services such as the fire department, public works, parks, community services and more.

In comparison

Here are some examples of 2019 – 2020 budget items that received less funding than law enforcement:

Law enforcement
Housing & Community Development
Public Library

Decision Makers

Oakland adopts a two-year biennial budget in odd-numbered calendar years, with mid-cycle amendments in even-numbered years. The citizen advisory board and the Budget Advisory Committee (appointed by the Mayor) meet on the second Wednesday of the month. The mayor and administrator release a proposed budget by May 1st, followed by mandatory Community Budget Forums held in each council district. The council president must respond to the mayor's proposed budget by June 17th. Council members may respond with amendments. On June 30th, a balanced budget must be adopted by a majority vote of the council.

Libby Schaff
Mayor · Reelection Nov. 2022
Dan Kalb
City Council, District 1 · Reelection Nov. 2020
Nikki Fortunato Bas
City Council, District 2 · Reelection Nov. 2022
Lynette McHaleney
City Council, District 3 · Reelection Nov. 2020
Sheng Thao
City Council, District 4 · Reelection Nov. 2022
Noel Gallo
City Council, District 5 · Reelection Nov. 2020
Loren Taylor
City Council, District 6 · Reelection Nov. 2022
Larry Reid
City Council, District 7 · Reelection Nov. 2020
Rebecca Kaplan
City Council · Reelection Nov. 2020