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Jul 8, 12:30pm PDT
2019 – 2020 SFPD & Sheriff's budget

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About this meeting

This is a meeting of the Budget and Appropriations Committee of the Board of Supervisors.

San Francisco's budget for the 2019 to 2020 fiscal year gave $692 million to the SFPD and $260 million to the Sheriff's Department.

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Items related to law enforcement on this agenda: #2: Police Department - Budget Analysis

General Fund

18% of San Francisco's 2019 – 2020 General Fund was spent on law enforcement (SFPD & Sheriff's).
A general fund is a city’s primary account, funded by taxes (like property and sales tax) and used to pay for services such as the fire department, public works, parks, community services and more.

In comparison

Here are some examples of 2019 – 2020 budget items that received less funding than law enforcement:

SFPD & Sheriff's
SFMTA: Transit Services division
Homelessness services
Public library

Decision Makers

The Mayor submits a budget proposal to the Board of Supervisors’ Budget Committee, which can approve or amend the budget. The full board and Mayor approve a final budget.

London Breed
Mayor · Reelection 2023
Sandra Lee Fewer
Supervisor, District 1
Catherine Stefani
Supervisor, District 2 · Reelection 2022
Aaron Peskin
Supervisor, District 3 · Reelection 2020
Gordon Mar
Supervisor, District 4 · Reelection 2021
Dean Preston
Supervisor, District 5 · Reelection 2020
Matt Haney
Supervisor, District 6 · Reelection 2021
Norman Yee
Supervisor, District 7 & Board President
Rafael Mandelman
Supervisor, District 8 · Reelection 2022
Hillary Ronen
Supervisor, District 9 · Reelection 2020
Shamann Walton
Supervisor, District 10 · Reelection 2021
Asha Safaí
Supervisor, District 11 · Reelection 2020